1st solo trip report – before setting out

Never trust that word is auto saving.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.   Dang.  I just wrote so much and it’s gone.

Anyhow, I woke early today (June 9th) to head out to Kawartha highlands park for my first solo backcountry-ish camping adventure with Goliath. Problem is, I feel like dirt.  Yesterday at work they suggested I leave early because I guess I looked pretty bad lol. But I was stubborn and toughed it out… but this morning I had to load up on some pills.   My head hurts.  I’m prone to migraines, and the thought of getting stuck out there solo with my pup and becoming incapacitated is not very appealing to say the least.   Although the pills are kicking in, so there’s still hope.  And well  (guys close your eyes for a second)… (actually forget that… get over it) I happen to have a uterus and it hurts lol.   Those issues alone aren’t enough to ever stop me from camping, or hiking… but solo? And with my ol pup to look after?  I’m a smidgen nervous about that.

Being late one day won’t matter anyhow. Although I’ll miss having the lake almost to myself this evening. Ah well.  Maybe I’ll just go for an early start tomorrow.  I tend to look at set backs as blessings anyhow.  Once I had planned a solo camping trip to a place in NY.  (Car camping that is).  My trip was delayed a day due to repairs to my jeep.  Bummer at the time, but it also made me miss a very bad storm that caused a tree to fall pretty near where my tent would have been.   I would have been fine, but I’m sure that would have been scary enough to bail on the rest of the trip (which I very much enjoyed), so I’m not really upset that I missed that.

I don’t think I could really manage solo the way I’m feeling right now. Portaging my kayak isn’t exactly easy as you can see here:


I’m not exactly in the greatest shape after a winter of not doing much.  And at this moment, I’m loopy from migraine pills.   Yeah that settles it. I’ll leave early in the morning.

I bought a new tent yesterday.  How many is too much?  It’s my third, so that isn’t that bad.  Besides it was on sale.  $40! So I don’t feel so bad.  Just a cheap Canadian tire tent. I went to the big Canadian tire after an appointment in Cambridge the other day and they had a bunch of tents set up in the aisle to see.  I was really impressed with this one.  Lots of big windows to see out of and an easy rain fly, plenty of room, and only a couple of pounds more than the solo I carry now.  I also needed an extra for a ladies trip I’m planning late next month. And for $40 who cares really. I almost bought two of them. But I’m not that bad. I think?  I do have more outdoor gear than one person really should. I definitely have a problem when it comes to buying dry bags.  I don’t know what it is with those.  I blame the kayak.  Especially when I found purple dry bags to match, (cause that’s really important), (I hope you noted my sarcasm).

I didn’t feel the need to set the tent up like I normally would, but I did at least open it to make sure it was all there and in good shape… Yep good to go!



And it passes Goliath’s sniff and lick test. So we’re good.


Usually when I go anywhere by car, I over pack.  I typically don’t have that issue when camping but I’m now playing the ‘what can I leave behind?’ game.


It doesn’t matter too much.  I don’t mind carrying a lot of weight.  Once you get it in just the right spot, it’s not bad at all.  Last year, on a canoe trip, I had to sit down to get my barrel on.  It was interesting trying to stand up, but once up, I was good to go.  I guess I’m just worried because I’m taking my dog this time, and I have to carry him everywhere as well. We’ll figure it out and it’ll be an adventure!

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