Backcountry vs. Car camping

I wanted to check and see if I could add a video just for kicks.  I’m really not much of a writer, but I could certainly chat on video for a while.  (Maybe that’s because I talk to myself a lot?) (I love those Bluetooth cell phone attachments that let you get away with talking out loud to yourself.  Such a great invention!  Until your phone rings… not that that’s ever happened to me)   Moving along…

I haven’t done a ton of backcountry camping, although I definitely prefer it to regular sites you can get to by car.  Unless I’m going somewhere specific I don’t usually bother anymore.  But I should get over that for now.  My dog is much more suited to it, so there may be more car camping in my future after all.  But when the option is there, I’d pick the backcountry.  It’s nice to get away from the sounds of the city.  You haven’t really seen the beauty of the stars until you’ve seen them at night without the distraction of cars or street lights.  When I first saw them that way, it almost felt as if something was missing.  But after all I was born and raised in the city.  These days I appreciate the stars the way they are.  When nothing is missing.  Nothing ever was missing.  Sometimes we just add things that we never really needed to begin with.

You will miss things though if you camp in the backcountry.  You’ll miss drunken teenagers keeping you up at night on the next site.  You’ll miss kids crying because the battery on the laptop died.  You’ll miss strangers stumbling through your site cutting across for a shortcut.  You’ll miss line ups for the toilets (haha oh the toilets… well we won’t go there) (umm… literally I suppose).

It’s pretty much guaranteed that what you’ll miss will be nothing compared to everything that you will gain. Oh and the stars… the stars.


6 thoughts on “Backcountry vs. Car camping

  1. You did great with both the video and blog. Seeing the night sky in its most natural form is something we should all experience. It can help put things into perspective. Thank you for sharing your challenging and yet wonderful adventure! Looking forward to hearing about the next one!


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