Senior dogs camping

I read an article in the newspaper today that got me thinking. Actually I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. What if camping is too hard on your dog?

This article I read talked about whether or not dogs love us as much as we love them. According to this author they most certainly do.


My little Goliath is around 12-13 years old now. He’s got a lot of spunk still, but he’s definitely slowing down in his old age. He’s got heart trouble and takes 2 different meds to keep him healthy and happy.


I think he seems to enjoy coming along on my various adventures. We go hiking and geocaching a lot. Mind you, he doesn’t have it in him anymore to keep up. So he walks briefly and spends the majority of time hitching a ride on my back. (Or my front… he likes that better!)


I recently took him camping with me. I ‘think’ he enjoyed himself? He definitely enjoyed the napping and snuggles in the tent. But he’s old. I worry. When the weather gets hotter its going to be harder on him and his wee little heart. His Gramma is a fine dog sitter (for the most part – when she remembers to give him food and water), but I always come home from trips to hear that he was sad and mopey and was looking for me the whole time.  I could have told you that dogs love their humans without a scientific study 😉

So I’m left wondering which is worse? Being overheated? Or sad and anxious? A big part of me says forget about camping for now, and stay home and snuggle with the old guy in the comfort of our air conditioned comfortable home. But adventures await! How can we miss that?

What a dilemma!

P.s. my little one is so awesome that he had to have his own Facebook and Instagram!

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