Tree Top Trekking

​Yesterday a group of friends and I went to TreeTopTrekking in Brampton. We finished the five grueling courses as well as the huge zipline across the lake!

This is my second time doing this and everyone else enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to try and turn it into an annual event.

It was a scorching hot day but under the shade of the trees it felt pretty darn good.

There’s not a lot I can say about this so I’ll stop talking and get to showing you the pictures!

It’s a great activity to get you outside for the day and it’s an amazing workout! (I may be a smidge sore today)

The group before we started
View from the trees
Taking a nap
Much higher than it looks!

Again a lot higher than it looks!

Look Ma! I gots me a new boat!

Ummmmm?  This can’t be good. 

Nothing to worry about… just the cable holding me up. No big deal really.

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