Long weekends

I think I’ll be guilty of this this weekend. 

Somehow I didn’t notice that this was a long weekend. Once I realized I had some extra time, I checked a few places online for backcountry sites and almost everything is filled right up.  At least the places where I wouldn’t have to drive that far.  That’s OK though.  I’m not a huge fan of camping when places are crowded. Long weekends seem to attract a different crowd for sure.  Especially on regular campsites. I’m not completely against regular camping. I think it’s great if you are headed somewhere with a specific activity in mind.  The last places I stayed that weren’t backcountry had other fun things to do.  It’s always fun to camp in Elora and spend the day tubing down the river. 

The view from my site of someone tubing

I also love places like Watkins Glen state park, where the hikes through waterfalls are just incredible!  

(The campground though leaves much to be desired – at least when I was there.  Hopefully they got rid of all the bad trees that were falling.)

Whole campgrounds were closed from all the falling trees

Wow now I really just want to go camping.  Soon Joyce, soon…

It seems like a good idea to have some day trips, which may equate to me watching Netflix in my pj’s with my pup! Which is fine since someone got me hooked on binge watching another show.  

What does all this staying inside have to do with getting outside?  Hmm… not much I suppose. But it’s maybe a good example of how every single one of my days isn’t always an adventure.  It’s ok to relax and rest sometimes. 

Just don’t stay there! 

There’s enough fun stuff coming up that I think I can make some room for snuggles at home in my pj’s. 

I hope everyone has a great, safe long weekend! Remember to wear your PFD’S! 

6 thoughts on “Long weekends

  1. Always enjoy reading your blog. You are certainly getting really good at it as well.

    Are those all pictures you took? Watkins Glen looks beautiful!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I agree about staying at organized campgrounds during long weekends, they get crowded and noisy. That being said, we are going to Algonquin this weekend and staying at one of the Highway 60 corridor campgrounds with our friends. My mother-in-law is coming with us so we had to rethink our backcountry canoeing plans. But I am hoping we’ll go biking and do some canoeing while there.
    Hope you’ll manage to squeeze in some day trips. Luckily, there are lots of places close to Toronto (although you may not live in Toronto). Wakins Glen looks very beautiful. I was thinking of going there but wasn’t sure about their campgrounds.


    1. Yes Watkins Glen hiking is amazing! The campgrounds not so much haha… I’ve managed to find something to do as well, thanks to this post actually! Lol

      Have a great time in Algonquin! Hopefully it’s not too crazy. I noticed a lot is booked solid!

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