Finding Nemo?

Today was the perfect day to get outside and go for a hike. My little guy started to get excited when I was packing up a few things to go, so I figured I would bring him. I’m realizing more and more these days that when the weather is really hot, it’s probably too hot for him to be outside.

Thirsty little guy!
Sea to Summit collapsible mugs are the perfect size for him.

He tired out really fast! But that was okay… I had intended on getting all the geocaches at this neat spot that I’ve never been to before, but we only got a few. I’ll just have to go back one of these days.  It still definitely makes for an awesome day though just to get outside.

The view from the lookout

The lookout was packed and Goliath doesn’t always love people.  It’s really hard sometimes telling people that they can’t pet him.  He definitely looks very cuddly.  There were a few disappointed faces, but I think they understood when he started growling. 

We were alone for a moment and I glanced over at the lookout as we sat in the shade so Goliath could have a drink. I noticed a tiny little butterfly fluttering over on the rock. Very quietly I took about a million pictures of it to try and catch it with its wings open. I heard it said somewhere that when you see a butterfly or a butterfly lands on you, it’s a loved one who has passed on stopping by to say hello. It really made my day today to see so many butterflies because I recently lost someone that I care about and miss very much. It could have been just a random butterfly of course… But either way it made me feel a lot better today.

The rest of the trail system that we saw was very nice. I tend to like places that are less populated and more challenging to hike, but I’ll definitely come back here sometime to finish what I started. (Besides… I can’t leave my geocache map looking like this!)

It never fails… every time I’ve gone anywhere these days, there’s always just a hint of something purple 💜

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Where are you all hiking these days?  I’d love to know!  I could use a new place to explore! 

8 thoughts on “Finding Nemo?

  1. Looked like a great day. We’ve had our dog for about seven years. Got her as a rescue. She was never really socialized, so if she doesn’t know you she’s very fearful. We tell people that she doesn’t like to be petted. Most understand. She’s 13 now, so she doesn’t hike very far with us, unless I carry her.

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    1. My guy is the same way. I’ve got a little carrier for him to sit in which is nice for longer hikes. Goliath isn’t afraid of anything lol… I think that’s part of his problem! He just wants to bark at everyone. Problem is that he’s so cute everyone wants to pet him! Lol… he needs to wear a sign or something.


  2. Mount Nemo sure looks different in the summer. When we hiked there, there was snow on the ground. If you are looking for a good place for geocaching, try Crawford Lake if you haven’t been there already. We found 15 there in one day.

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