Trail review ~ Scorch Lake Lookout

Scorch Lake is located within Algonquin park. I’d been interested in taking a trip out to this lake for a while now after reading an old blog post about the lookout trail.

scorch lake algonquin

This trip was more of a challenge than I’d really expected. I knew going in that it would be difficult. The portages alone totaled just over 3km. But I grossly underestimated how difficult it is to carry a 9lb chihuahua while I’ve got a 45lb kayak on my head. There were a few times that I needed some serious breaks and adjustments.

Would I do this route again? Yes absolutely… but only going ultra light. I’ve been seriously debating lately whether or not to just whip out my credit card and get myself a nice new canoe. You definitely can portage a kayak, but not a ridiculously heavy one. I seriously think by the time I got home I shrunk to 5 feet tall. I miss the convenience of a light canoe and one barrel. Easy peasy.

There’s definitely something to be said for a tough physical challenge. You feel amazing and proud when you’re all finished. (Even if you can’t walk one more step). But admittedly during it all, I wondered at a few points whether or not I was going to make it. The first portage kicked our butts. I have no idea other than a second wind how I managed to get through the next two. By the very end of the final portage into Scorch, my second wind was a distant memory. And honestly the hardest part was just the last 20 steps. It was nice to have Christina cheering us on.

The lookout on scorch took us up a winding trail that was well marked for the first bit.

Scorch Lake Trail

But then took a sharp right with no warning while another trail went straight ahead into nothing. Once we realized we were headed no where, it was easy to notice the trail to the right. At the first turn there was a clear sign, but the second turn had no such warning.


Nevertheless… you’ll find it. Just remember, when you’re stuck, turn right.

One of these days I’ll need to remember to put some trail marker tape in my pack for these occasions.

As you can see from the view, the hike up was worth it. The hike itself is only about a half an hour once you find where it begins on the lake. The challenging part is getting there. Definitely expect to camp out. I think more than a pretty view was gained from this adventure. Even the little guy was pretty happy to be there.

Although it was difficult, I much prefer Algonquin when there’s something special to see, and lookout trails may just be my new favorite thing to explore.

Since I reviewed the trail, Christina blogged about the rest of the trip. Check it out!

I’ll leave you with the crackle of the campfire until next time…

What’s your favorite place to explore? Leave a comment! I’d love to know!

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