A week in Killarney

Recently I decided to take the week off work to go to Killarney.

I stayed for seven days and six nights. I had two nights on George Lake, two nights on OSA lake, and lastly two nights on Killarney lake with a hike to The Crack! (The Crack deserves a whole post of it’s own!)

I thought I’d try something a little different this time.  Instead of the usual pictures, I did small video walk-throughs of each campsite.  I thought this may be a good idea for people who are used to car camping, and want to have a good look at what the backcountry is all about.

I have to warn you though, once you go backcountry, you may never have time for anything else! 

George lake

This was a smaller site. I grabbed the first one I found empty since the whole lake was booked and I showed up in the middle of a long weekend.  Even being the lake so close to the campground, George Lake was pretty amazing! 

My first view of the lake: 



OSA Lake 

OSA is thought to be the prettiest lake in Ontario. 

I may have to agree.  Although it might be a toss up with Killarney Lake 😊

I had the little guy with me of course. I had to laugh at the spots he chose to have naps in.  When I brought back the food bag from where it was hanging in the woods, he thought that would be a good spot! 


Killarney Lake 

Last but definitely not least we stayed on Killarney Lake. It was nice to have a couple of good friends join us for the last two nights. I really liked this campsite as well. Tons of room for the doggies to explore. 

Even though we had some gloomy days, it was still just as pretty!


All in all it was really great to explore a place that I’ve never been before. Killarney this time of year is breathtakingly gorgeous! I’m definitely going to have to make a return trip!
Have you been to Killarney? What did you think?

7 thoughts on “A week in Killarney

  1. Looks like it was a great trip! We stayed at that same island site on O.S.A. lake a couple of years ago. Absolutely loved it. Our younger son enjoyed exploring those little islands around in his kayak every morning while we were making breakfast. And all that poetry in the privy explaining why you need to bring lots of toilet paper! I miss Killarney.

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  2. Hey, sounds like you had a great trip. We had planned to travel up to hike “The Crack”, but my wife and photo partner has been on the disabled list with some back and muscle tension issues. Keeping it on the list list for next year!

    Great report.Love Goliath. What a trooper!


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