It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No I don’t mean Christmas… or winter.

I mean the time of year when camping season is over and gear starts to go on sale!

I love shopping for camping gear. It’s not that I skimp on everything, but I really love it when I get a good deal on something. Don’t you?

Here’s a tip on how to get some good camping gear on the cheap!

Canadian Tire often posts clearance items on their website. But that’s not all. If you create an account and save the products that you’re interested in, you’ll get an email when those products are going on sale. I’ve gotten so much of my camping stuff that way. Sometimes all of the things on my list are products that I already have, but could use extra of in case I go camping in a group. Today I noticed that a really lightweight tarp that I have had gone on sale. The regular price is $50 and I picked it up for $25!

It came in really handy on my trip to Killarney when we had a lot of cold rain.

(Not to mention that the regular price on that tent is $35!)

A lot of the high-end camping gear these days is very expensive. If I can lead anyone to good quality gear that isn’t going to cost them an arm and a leg, I’m happy about that!

What awesome deals have you found? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  1. Best deal I found was that a co-worker sold me his hubba-bubba for 100$! I was so happy! I am a big fan of CTC for random items and I didn’t know about the email for things in your cart! that’s a great tip! thank you!

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    1. Lol what’s a hubba-bubba?

      And yeah… I’ve gotten sooooooo much stuff really cheap just by waiting! There’s a really nice backpack on my list that I’m hoping goes on sale!


  2. I have never thought to buy camping gear in the winter, brilliant idea. I am just starting my personal collection too so I will start hoarding for the summer.

    Nothing beats camping!

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    1. Yeah I can’t believe the prices! I recently got a new sleeping bag for 60 bucks that’s regular 120! I’m really hoping that a backpack that I want goes on sale soon πŸ˜†


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