Tubing at Chicopee! 

If you’re ever stuck for something to do in the cold of winter, tubing is a pretty fun family activity!

A couple of us hit up the slopes this weekend in Kitchener at Chicopee Tube Park and had a great time.

Part of what makes it fun is when the staff gets right into it. My friend and I were spun down the hill so good once that I couldn’t hold on to her tube and we flew like bumper cars all the way down! (You’re supposed to hold on btw… to be safe; but it turned out just fine!)

There’s bags at the end to stop you. Personally, I think it’s fun when you’re going so fast you smash into them! (But to each his own lol)

The view from the bottom.

Getting set to go back up!

It was such a good time, I can’t wait to go back! It’ll be super fun to get a big group together because you can link 5 tubes together for a really fun spin! This place is like tobogganing on steroids! It’s also perfect for someone like me who’s never been skiing (and may or may not be a little chicken!)

You should definitely check the place out!

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