Duck… duck… ?

I love ducks!

I’ve been tinkering with a different camera lately. It’s been pretty interesting figuring it all out. (For the most part I think I’m just figuring out how to fix the mistakes, but who’s counting!?)

I had a very quick stop the other day at Churchill Park in Cambridge and thought I’d share some of the shots. One of these little ones was very happy to pose for us!

Duck duck...

I love ducks


It always makes me giggle when ducks stick their bums in the air

When I was young this was the place to be when you came to Churchill park! Although this looked much different way back then!

I wonder if I’d still fit…

5 thoughts on “Duck… duck… ?

  1. Sometimes even a short trip works. My wife rarely travels anywhere without her camera. I’ve resigned myself to driving-stopping-take pic. Speaking of ducks, we visited out daughter at school last year and had to wait for her a bit and ended up in Victoria Park in Kitchener. There was a guy sitting on a little island sort of thing in the pond feeding the ducks. They would literally land and climb all over him to get fed. Like out of a Disney movie!

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