Hike to Apps’ Mill

I woke up today feeling lazy. I could see that it was a beautiful day outside, but I couldn’t get my bum moving out the door.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine talking about how nice out it finally is, but that I was so unmotivated… she said:

I know I always feel better after some fresh air and a hike. That was a nice kick in the butt. Thanks Melissa!

I wound up wandering around town looking for interesting things to photograph. I stopped at these 2 old cars that I’ve been meaning to stop and snap for ages now.

From there I stopped to visit some cows. I love cows. Well most animals actually. But there’s something really sweet about cows.

This guy kept his eyes on me the whole time

This guy kept his eyes on me the whole time

The one wouldn’t take his eyes off me the whole time, even as I drove away. I wonder what he was thinking?

After that I was off to Apps’ Mill. A popular hiking spot nearby. It was pretty busy today, but still quite peaceful. I find every time I visit a trail I’ve been to before, I always seem to notice different things.

The old abandoned mill in the forest:

House in the woods

The side of the mill is a popular spot for locals to take family portraits:


You can’t get inside, which is a bummer, because it looks like there’s a lot of cool old stuff in there:

Inside the mill

Inside the mill

good spot for a picnic

Surrounding the mill, there’s a small trail system that winds around the river.

You often find shelters there. I think it’s from the school programs they run out of the visitors centre, but I’m not sure.


Whistling cedar

It was a great day to get out! My favorite hikes are in the fall when everything green is turning red, but there’s something so nice about being out there when everything white is melting!

And wouldn’t you know it, after getting outside and breathing in all that fresh air, I felt great!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Family Day weekend!

8 thoughts on “Hike to Apps’ Mill

  1. Looks like great day out. I’ve over time that I need to be more deliberate in making time to get outside. Leaving it to chance for us doesn’t work so well. Sometimes when I read other blogs, their adventures seem more “adventurous” then ours. We also have a senior dog, and it’s hard for her to go any more than a km or two and certainly not something strenuous. We are lucky that my wife has a friend who loves “Katie” and she will come and let her out during the day if we are going to be longer.

    I guess the point is, we all have our challenges and the point is to just get out there. I need to remember that some of our best hikes haven’t been days in the planning or over great distances. Many have been only an hour away from home.

    Hope the Family Day Weekend has been good. The weather has certainly been cooperating. Unfortunately, my crew schedule has me working all weekend. But, when I can i get outside and stick my face into the sun and think about what and where we’ll go on my next day off.

    Thanks again for posting.

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    1. Agreed 100%! I think we all have different things holding us back. I’m not sure what my summer is going to look like yet since my little guy hasn’t been well…. Although I carry him 95% of our hikes anyhow lol.

      You know… most of my favorite hikes are very close to home as well! I’d like to get out this summer to photograph more of the Hamilton waterfalls… I forget sometimes that the point is to just get out there. I don’t have to see the 4 corners of the earth.

      That stinks that you had to work the whole weekend! I hope you get the chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air soon!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


      1. It was all good. Not busy. Everyone seemed to be in a happy mood. Hamilton – I went to college there – WAY back in the early 1980’s. Had an apartment behind the tv station on the corner or Hunter and Hess(i think). I kind of forget as well, that we travel through seasons in our lives. Kind of had forgotten that I did travel in Africa(sailed across Lake Victoria in a ricky old wooden boat); trekked to the source of the Nile River; visited an island in Lake Victoria that was like stepping back into another century(think mud huts). Anyhow, sorry the little fellow is feeling great. We’re hoping this week to get out on Thursday over by Metcalfe Rock in the Beaver Valley

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