I’ve been meaning to talk about geocaching for ages now. I credit geocaching for getting me outdoors so much in the first place. I’d always enjoyed hiking, but I think I just needed something else. I’d seen a lot of trails, but trails just don’t get me out of bed and out the door.

That’s where geocaching came in. You can do it just about anywhere public. Seriously, go to and look for your favorite trail. I bet there’s some out there.

Geocaching uses a smart phone or gps device to point you to coordinates (and sometimes a clue) to go and find a hidden-in-plain-sight container where you sign the log and can sometimes trade swag. The swag can definitely be a fun way to get kids involved!

It’s not just for kids. My little guy tolerates my geocaching a lot!

Sorry little guy… There’s no treats in that bag! Good try though!

Kids have fun hiding them too!

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A young local #geocacher hides a lot of these Dino caches

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Sometimes the cache containers themselves can be super sneaky

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My first sneaky screw #geocache

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Looks basic, but I climbed to find this one!

Sometimes it’s good to use safety gear…

Sometimes they can be pretty challenging to get to…

The sights you see when you’re out there can be pretty incredible… I’ve found some really cool spots just by looking up geocaches based on how many times people have added them as a favorite.

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Look at this #geocache, just look at it!

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Geocaching was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to get a kayak! Water trails!

This is one of my favorite shots of my dog and I after hiking to the top of “The Crack” in Killarney, and after we found the geocache up there!

The next time you see someone in the woods or on a trail, or even on the street with their head in their smart phone or GPS, they just might be geocaching!

Have you tried it? What’s your favorite one you’ve found?

12 thoughts on “Geocaching! 

  1. Oh my gosh. Your post brought back a memory from when we lived out in the country. I have a friend who was a Fire Captain @ Vaughan Fire Services. He used geocaching as a way to escape the stress of the job. Except, when Bruce placed a cache? it was an epic placement. Where we lived there was/is a rail trail right at the edge of the village. Bruce placed not a canister, but think cookoo clock device.

    He made this wooden box that had a spring loaded cookoo bird inside. It was mounted on a fence post along the trail. So, people had to kind of hunt for it, because it looked like any normal bird nesting box. So…. when you found it and opened it, not only was there a book to sign and all that regular stuff, but that damn bird came springing out at you. My guess is that over time, there were a number of people who wet themselves at that exact spot because of Bruce.

    I found it, because as I remember I had found a geocache webpage or something and searched for some local stuff. His was the first I found. I knew it was him from the user name? he had. I asked him about it, he said it took some time to build, but was worth it. Also, told him he had to buy me new underwear. Ok. Too much information.

    Tried a locating couple, but never really got in to it. Maybe after reading this, we’ll have to include hunting for us when we’re on the trail.

    Thanks. Great post. Brought back a hilarious memory.

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  2. Great Post!! I did this many moons ago when I was much younger and loved it! Life sometimes gets in the way, but now we are back on the right track!! What a good reason to go hiking (as if we needed another one)!!

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      1. What’s your favorite way to pick the spots you hunt for? Is there a main website where everyone loads up the locations?


      2. Yeah. Just go to they’re everywhere! I sometimes look them up by how many times they got a favorite. Not sure if that’s a premium feature or not?

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  3. Great post! Our younger son is a big fan of geocaching. So we’ve had our share of climbing trees, search caves, digging under rocks and all those things geocachers have to do. Dundas Valley CA near Hamilton has some cool ones, all connected by one common theme. We still haven’t found all of them, will have to go back.

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