Singing in the rain

We had a ton of rain last week! I know that’s kind of dreary for a lot of folks out there but one of my friends had a fabulous idea. Since I’ve been taking a photography class to figure out how to take better pictures it was awesome to go out and take a nice hike to the local waterfalls. Lots of rain means lots of big flowing waterfalls!

Sherman falls Hamilton

I don’t know what it is about waterfalls that I find fascinating, I seriously just love the sound of the rushing water. I love the mist you get on your face when you get close enough. And it’s just fascinates me to see the way that nature works in its magnitude.

We managed to get out to Sherman Falls and Tiffany falls and snapped a few pictures.

I’m really fortunate to live really close to Hamilton which is known as the city of waterfalls. Apparently they have over 200!

Some are big, some are small. I think it would be really cool over the course of this summer if I’ve got the time to visit quite a few of them. Here’s hoping.

I just love milky white waterfalls; can you tell?

Sherman falls

And yes, in case you were wondering, there was really singing…

And some snuggling lol…

What do you like to do when it rains?

7 thoughts on “Singing in the rain

  1. What a great entry Joyce. WOW – your pictures are really “out of this world” Very visually stunning. I guess with all the rain we’ve had over the past while, the amount of water flowing really helped with each capture. Rushing water does have a very calming and therapeutic effect. Any particular song that you and Goliath like to sing? lol. Great post to look at first thing in the morning. You should be very proud of your shots. Last question, “you’re taking a photography class?” Gosh, based on these shots maybe you should teach it! Well done Joyce! From my days of being a teacher, if this was an assignment – you’d get an A++

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    1. Lol! Thank you for your kind comments! I dunno about teaching just yet! The scenery makes it easy. The teacher did like 2 out of my three shots for this week though. Would have liked all three if I was allowed to crop!

      Songs… hmmmm… well my friend ‘may’ have made a Tiffany joke seeing as that was the name of the falls… that could have been it ๐Ÿ˜Š


      1. Well, your teacher should have liked them all. This coming from a former teacher. Perhaps you were singing the music from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, which would be a challenge since it wasn’t a musical(i think). Can Goliath hold a tune? Still, great pictures though. And teaching is easy. Remember – your the teacher.. they’re the students. Always remind them of that! lol

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      2. Movie from the late 50’s or 60’s with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant(I think). Don’t think it was a musical, but not sure now. Tiffany’s is also a small restaurant in the village of Coldwater, not far from our place. Just in case you were wondering!


  2. We certainly did have a lot of rain here in Ontario a couple of weeks ago. And your waterfall pictures are really amazing. I do love the mist and the roar of the water and am imagining those senses as I view your photos.
    I don’t mind the rain and will walk and run in it just as if it were on a sunny day.
    Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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