Murphy’s Law

It’s always good to be prepared. Not necessarily prepared for what could go wrong, but prepared to change your plans.

Ever have a trip where everything that can go wrong does? This last trip just didn’t seem to want to happen. It started with the day before the trip when I came down with a bad cold. A coworker actually joked that it was an omen and maybe I shouldn’t go. But I wasn’t going to let a few sniffles and a sore throat stop me from getting outside. Besides, I was crazy excited. It’d been way too long since I’d gone camping.

I was feeling pretty good the morning we left, but as soon as we started paddling, we were both feeling the effects of not paddling all winter. All was good though, since this wasn’t a really difficult trip. A few portages, but nothing too crazy.

We found a nice site and hunkered down for the night. Even my perfect ball toss into the tree for the food bag was off. I’m surprised all of Killarney didn’t hear me cursing and swearing out in those woods! Nothing gets me riled up like that darn toss up the tree. I was using a newer rope and each and every toss was close but no cigar. I switched back to the paracord I’d used to use and low and behold, it was up on the second try. So I either need to stick to paracord, or make my throw-ball a little heavier. None the less… the hang was finished.

The next morning we woke, and over morning coffee my friend noticed that my dog’s neck was a bit red. Upon taking a closer look, it appeared that he had a bite that looked like a bulls-eye. Oh shoot. That can’t be good!

There was no tick to be found. So we started texting people (with my InReach) back home for advice. (Thank you so much Heather and Melissa!) It was decided that we’d pack up and go see a vet. If we hadn’t, we’d both wind up worrying all weekend.

So getting all packed up, I needed to refill my water bottle. I went to the rocks by the water and wouldn’t you know it!? Slipped on a rock and went for a very impromptu swim fully clothed 😆 Very typical of me being such a klutz, but not a very good time for a dip. We needed to get going!

We paddled out only to find the closest place that was open would be closed by the time we got there. They suggested calling a Sudbury vet to get an after hours number and paging the after hours vet. When I got her on the phone, she knew exactly what I was taking about and said it was most likely a black fly bite. I felt better since we were constantly swarmed by black flies! She said it was typically humans that have to watch out for the bulls-eye mark from ticks, and what I had described wasn’t anything serious. It seemed quite probable since I’d noticed a few more bulls-eye marks since we were out. Poor little guy 🙁 Thankfully he didn’t seem very bothered at all.

I was so glad that we had the sense to leave and that missing the trip was no big deal. The Silver Peak will be there next time.

And who knows? Maybe it was an omen. We joked that perhaps had we gone on, maybe we would have gotten into trouble on our rainy hike to the peak? You never really know why certain things happen in life. Maybe bad things happen to prevent worse things from happening? That’s what I like to believe anyhow.

At the Big Nickel in Sudbury

After spending a rainy night in Sudbury, we took a drive out to Algonquin to hike some trails and see if we could find anything to photograph. The day didn’t disappoint! We saw at least 7 or 8 moose! Even a couple babies!

Years ago, I had my jeep in the shop before I was due to leave for a camping trip in the states. I was only delayed one day, but during the night that I’d missed there was a huge thunderstorm and a tree fell down very close to where my tent would have been. So the breaks on my jeep turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Maybe bug bites are too?

Have you ever had a strange blessing in disguise?

6 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Glad that everything worked out for the best. One never really knows how the “blessing in disguise” stuff works I suppose. The hiking to Silver Peak could have been a challenge due to all the rain. I can attest to my own personal experience in the last two weeks that trails which have been exposed to significant amounts of rain can be precarious spots to be in because the whole trail can turn into the slickest mud path imaginable.

    Add that to trails that have many steep slopes and elevations changes – it can be a disaster waiting to happen. One wrong misstep on a steep vertical section…maybe down you go. Twist an angle or even worse. Add to that I guess you’d be carrying Goliath in his carrier, so your balance would off a bit.

    So… maybe a good choice to head out. I have this motto, which we sort of apply to the outdoors. Has kept us out of issues in the past. I know, it’s hard to believe, “me – “issues” in the outdoors!” lol “The goal is never the summit; the summit is the bonus. The goal is always to make it home safe. The summit will be there the next time.” I’m thinking Silver Peak will still be there. Sometimes, you have to go with your gut feel.

    I’ve known people over the years, maybe you have too that get so focused on the “summit” of a trip, they ignore all warning signs that seem to pop up along the way. I think when that happens, the adventure has the making of a “dumb-ass” moment written all over it.

    Maybe a light-hearted ending which is funny to tell around a campfire or one that was a bit more serious.

    So… likely a good choice in the end. Choices that get you home safe are always good ones.

    And….. the bonus was all the great shots you got of moose from Algonquin.

    Thanks for sharing Joyce!

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    1. As always, thanks so much for the kind words! I really like your way of looking at things. Getting home safe should absolutely always be the goal, and I’m so glad to have friends that I camp with who feels the same way. And what a positive way of twisting the bonus! That’s what I was thinking too! I’d only ever seen one moose before. So seeing 7 this time was a real treat!

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  2. Your most welcome. Many times there is silver lining in something that may seem like a defeat. Seven moose on your Algonquin “side-trip” is a great bonus. Glad to know that everything worked out! One of the ones you photographed looks like the guy we saw three days later.

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  3. Good read. I think this very wet spring has dismantled many trips. Count me in on the shortened trip too. A weekend in Algonquin only lasted one night. Happy that you got to see moose! Hope Goliath mended well. I think this spring the bugs will be in high gear. I’m bringing Bug jacket, head buff and bug spray for the next few trips and I’m even thinking of bringing a small light weight bug shelter for cooking in peace.
    Love your blog. Hope your next trip works out better. Things could have been worse, some things really are blessings in disguise. Stay healthy!

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    1. Thanks so much for the kind words!

      Goliath is doing great! He actually wasn’t even bothered by the bites at all. Probably wondered what all the fuss was about!

      Bug shelters are awesome! I don’t have one but I’ve camped with people who do. They’re definitely a great escape! I’m going to have to pick one up myself one of these days 😊


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