Day with the Doggies

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and way too good of a day to waste sitting inside!

I’ve been taking a class in photography and had to finish up an assignment for this week’s lecture, and what a perfect opportunity it was to visit Brantford’s Dogford Dog Park!

My assignment this week was three pictures of motion.  One had to be stop motion, where everything is frozen and in focus, yet you can tell that the subject is moving.  The next is blurred motion, where the background is in focus, but the subject is wizzing by so fast that it’s blurry.  And lastly, was pan motion, where the subject is clear, but the background is blurred to show the motion of the camera following the subject.

So I already had my pan motion done, and needed my stop motion.  Nancy the famous canoe dog was the star of the day, and the other doggies in the park were more than happy to oblige me as well!

I took about 1500 pics!  Can you believe that!?  But since I’m not allowed to crop anything at all, I had to make sure I had something perfectly in the frame.  Many of the pics were usable, but since there was no editing, I just kept snapping and hoped for the best.  Those dogs were fast!

Nancy seriously looks happy in every single picture!

Even when she’s running!

And running….

And running!

And stopping for a quick pet…

The other dogs weren’t about to let her have all the fun though…

This beauty loved playing catch!

I got it!

And this one was a joy to watch with all her jumping!

This little cutie, Oliver, was just a sweetheart!


All in all, such a great day!  I definitely think that I need to spend more of my time in dog parks!

Time to go...
What do you love to do when it’s beautiful out?

6 thoughts on “Day with the Doggies

  1. Super job I must say. Looks like you had a great time shooting for your class. To answer to question…when it is beautiful out, I/we like to be outside. On a trail mostly, although in a canoe works as well. Just getting outside is more often than not, just what the Doctor ordered. In fact, sometimes when it is not so great out can be the best times ever. Remember, like I’ve told you before, “Outdoors and weather is only limited by your clothing choices.”

    Thanks for taking the time to share!

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  2. Love it!! Some great photos. Happy dogs just make me happy, so thanks for the Monday Morning smile fest!! There’s so much we love to do when it’s nice out that it’s hard to pick just one thing πŸ™‚ Hiking, Camping, working in the garden, projects around the property, and sometimes just cracking a cold beer (or 6) and watching the birds fly by.

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    1. Thanks for the kind comments! There’s just something about a dog’s smiling face that makes me so happy! Hopefully I’ll have many more days like this! Haha…I should just work at the dog park 😊

      Those all sound like fun things to do outside!

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