Ack! Bugs!

I was in a rush this morning getting ready to leave for a trip, so I thought I’d try my hand at vlogging instead! Lol… I think writing might be more my thing! 

Either way, I’m trying new things for those bugs that get me all the time!

Do you have anything that works for you?

5 thoughts on “Ack! Bugs!

  1. Haha… Pretty good. Maybe need to work a bit on the video, but lots of information. I’m more like you…bugs love me. Lynn seems to not have so much of a problem with them. I’m not big on spraying myself with chemicals, so I try more holistic methods like light coloured clothes etc. and lots of swatting them away. I will use a spray if necessary, but not often. Good luck…. let us know how it things work out


    1. Will do! Haha yeah that was just on my cell… I’ve got to tinker with videos more if I’m gonna do that again! Someone had asked once for a video of how I toss my rope into the tree so I might have one of those soon!

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