Albion falls

What a fun place to hang out for the day!

Recently one of my friends let me know that she’s never hiked in Hamilton. So Hamilton being so well known as the Waterfall Capital of the world, I figured we had to go to one of it’s popular waterfalls.

The hike didn’t disappoint! Although we took a wrong turn, it was like I always say “Always an adventure.”

This is a stunning waterfall, but sadly there have been many rope rescues there lately, (one even later the day we were there.) The fast way down has been sealed off, which is fine with me since it means you now have to hike in the longer way. But the hike isn’t terribly long, (even with a slight detour!)

The detour…

If you don’t mind going the wrong way sometimes, you’ll get to see some extra fun things. I like to stop about every 5 seconds to take a pic of something or other.

You can see why this is a favorite spot!

There was quite a crowd enjoying the falls when we were there. It’s generally not too crowded, but we went on a long weekend, so it turns into quite a tourist spot.

Enjoying the falls

Lots of folks were right on the falls enjoying cooling off in the hot weather.

This little sweetheart was too scared to cross the rocks, (but don’t worry! He got some help from his mum!)

I can’t wait to visit another one of Hamilton’s waterfalls!

And of course, the post wouldn’t be complete without the sound of the rushing water! I love that sound!

Be sure to be careful and hike safe when visiting these places.

Where’s your favorite waterfall?

5 thoughts on “Albion falls

  1. Looks like a great spot to visit. Sometimes, the wrong turn can take you to the best places! We’ve never been to any of the falls in the Hamilton area. Most of ones we gone to have been in Grey County.

    Inglis Falls just outside Owen Sound is nice. We hiked from Owen Sound and then bushwhacked down the escarpment face to the bottom of the falls. Pretty cool. We also found one on the Bruce Trail in the Collingwood area. Wasn’t noted on any maps, just sort of showed up. It was neat find. Great report as always Joyce. Thanks for sharing!

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