Killarney pictures revealed!

What a fun trip this was! I’ve been sitting on the pics for a while now. I couldn’t share anything because I tagged along on a paddle hiding trip for the Paddle In The Park Contest! But now that the paddle has been found, I can chat about the trip.

Holy moly, this trip kicked my butt! I thought that I’d done some hard trips, but wow. It’s true what they say about the pig lol… I’d like to say I nailed it, but it may have been the other way around. The pig wasn’t as bad as I’d expected to be honest. I think the bugs made it worse than it should have been. Seems every time I had things balanced just right, I was swatting more bugs off my arms!

If anyone has followed along, I’ve been teasing you with posting pics where I removed the background so I wouldn’t give away the location.

This one is the one I’ve been excited to reveal!

My little man! I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with this picture of him!

The original pic actually came from just before we hiked the pig! (The Pig is a well known portage in Killarney that’s steep and full of rocks! It was awful lol.)

Goliath was happy to hang out on top of this car (for a whole 7.8 seconds) so I could take a cute picture. But being so well known, any sign of that car had to go.

He wasn’t too thrilled about being up there, so I didn’t make him wait too long!

Of course we can’t forget this one! I thought it was very convincing that there was a disco dance party in the woods no?
Maybe not…

Ok ok! So he was pointing at a map. Did you really expect me to show you that??

We can’t forget about this one!

The little guy and I were just enjoying the view from the water taxi we took out to the first site 🙂

That was seriously sooooo fun! I’ve never taken a water taxi before. Killarney Outfitters was great!

What a view!

Goliath was pretty happy to get there…

Lots of exploring to do!

And naps… his number one priority!

The trip was a blast, and even though I might have whined a *smidge*, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat 🙂 Thanks so much Preston for letting me tag along, and trusting me not to blab about where the paddle was! And thanks so much Killarney Outfitters for taking such good care of us!

A huge CONGRATS to the paddle finder!

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