I hadn’t really intended to write anything about Thanksgiving and being grateful. Personally I think you should be grateful about something every single day.

However the last week or so I’ve had a very trying week. And it’s been wonderful that even though I haven’t really felt up to getting outside, I’ve got some people in my life that I can truly count on. For that I am definitely so grateful.

I’m grateful for bloggers that I’ve come into contact with that I’ve never actually met in real life but I have connected with offline who really seem to understand me.

I’m also truly grateful for one of my best friends that I’ve known for years who knows just when she needs to show up at my house banging on the window when I’m holed up in bed not wanting to move. I’m grateful for you too.

I’m grateful for friendships that don’t test me or judge me. They’re just there to be my friend. That means so much in this world today where we’re so bombarded with expectations and social media and having to live up to unrealistic standards. I’m grateful for acceptance and I’m grateful for friends that are always there with a hug. Even a virtual one! The world needs more people like you. And I’m grateful for friends who are there even when I don’t think I want any help. Because we all need people in our lives like that.

When things aren’t going your way and everything feels like things are falling apart it’s really good to remind yourself what you have in life to be grateful for. And I’ve got so much. I feel truly blessed.

So this season of giving thanks, what are you all grateful for?

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