Geocaching fail

After waiting months to come out of my long winter hibernation, it seemed fitting to snag some geocaches to have a nice excuse to get out on the trails again.

I haven’t been keeping up with geocaching about as much as I haven’t been keeping up with blogging. I’m just too big a fan of being warm I guess. But I digress; a while back I was showing someone how to geocache, and I mentioned that I was almost to a milestone 500 finds. Not much for lots of cachers, but good enough for me. Anyhow, we decided that for my 500th, and his first, that we’d go after a cache that has never been found. “Do you like gardening” is a famous cache in this area. It was placed in 2013 and no one has found it yet!

It’s a little wooded area just off a trail in Hamilton. But wow, it’s hidden well. Needless to say, we left empty handed.

It was lots of fun looking for it though!

So some days later we decide to do an easy trail. I didn’t bother loading up my Garmin; instead we just used our cell phones. This was the second fail! Of course this was the day that the geocaching website was experiencing difficulties. We spent more time just trying to log in and stay logged in, than we did searching for anything.

Seriously geocaching? Come on!

So was that enough to convert someone else to geocaching?

Well… I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

I suppose the moral of the story as always is that the adventure is usually always much more fun than the goal!

5 thoughts on “Geocaching fail

  1. Silly technology. Good old college try though! Having never actually geo-cached before, I’m going to go “out on a limb”, so to speak, and suggest that it maybe more of time spent outdoors and company kept that may create another geo-cacher. But, finding the damn geo-cached wouldn’t hurt either. Nice to see you post again!

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