Self care

Hey everyone!

I felt like I should post an update since things around here have been pretty quiet this summer!

About a month ago, I got my head bumped pretty good. I didn’t realize that how I was feeling was connected, but when I finally got checked out, it turns out that I’m healing from a concussion. (Always get this checked out right away, trust me on this one!)

What is it with outdoor folks this year bumping their heads? There’s a few people I know that have struggled with concussions this year. Let me tell you, it sucks! Protect your brains folks!

Anyways… after spending about a month on my back in bed, I was cleared for some light activity. As long as I didn’t over exert myself, that was the deal.

So yesterday I met up with a good friend who had just bought a packraft. She wanted some paddlers around for the first maiden voyage just in case. So I joined her, along with another friend, who brought her very drool worthy skin-on-frame backcountry canoe.

The day was perfect, even though it was calling for rain, we lucked out as it held off until much later.

The ladies were great. I’m pretty stubborn (who knew?), and attempted to carry my kayak across the bridge to the put-in. Yeah, bad idea. About halfway thru I had to put her down and just sit there or I was going to toss my breakfast. Once the ladies put their boats by the water, they came back and easily grabbed my beastly kayak and carried it down for me. (I can’t believe I ever carried that thing for 3kms! But that seems like ages ago)

It’s funny how things change over the years. As an adult, things just seem a little more delicate. You get to a certain age and realize that no, I’m not indestructible. Self care becomes so much more important.

Speaking of self care, it pains me to admit it, but I’ve got to cancel my big Killarney trip. I’m SUPER sad about that. Killarney is one of my favorite places in the world! But health comes first. I had planned 10 days bouncing from lake to lake, with a few days to spend on OSA. And in the fall! Devine! But it’s just not going to happen. It started out as a 2 person trip, then became a solo adventure, then came concussion.

Since it’s only a few days away, and I’m still feeling the effects, it seems wisest to just play on the safe side and forgo the trip. Killarney in the fall can wait until next fall. My brain has to stay with me forever. And who really wants to be out there alone, not feeling well?

I tried everything to make the trip happen. When it was a 2 person trip, I had a lovely offer to borrow a safer canoe, (thank you Terry!), since there’s not enough freeboard on mine to make me feel comfortable paddling it.

When it was going to be a solo trip, I figured I’d use my super durable kayak cart. With that I wouldn’t have to have the weight of the kayak on my neck and shoulders, (like I said, she’s a beast!) But that wasn’t meant to be either. Even a day paddle was enough for me to realize that I shouldn’t be out there by myself. I’ve had many minor slips and falls in the woods, both solo and with a group. So I know the risk of bumping my head again would just be too high. Staying home seems like the smartest thing to do right now.

Lucky for me, the science behind healing concussions has advanced from the days when they told you to stay in a dark room. I had to laugh when the concussion doc told me I should go outside. Really? Go outside? šŸ˜œ

Happy to!

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