Get yourself unstuck

It still reamins a very quiet uneventful summer around these parts.

Such is life when you have to recover from injury.

The other day a friend and I again decided that paddling season isn’t over yet,(is it ever really over?) So we busted out the boats and decided to get the geocaches in the Mountsberg Reservoir.

Now on a good day, these should have been relatively easy, but with low water levels, not so much.

I had set out to write a really cool eloquently done post that tied together the struggles of a concussion with the struggles of getting through the disgusting swampy smelly mud to get to that geocache. But wouldn’t you know it my brain just is not up for the task right now.

The whole experience turned into quite the ordeal and boy was I ever glad that she had a spare pair of dry pants. Stuck in the mud was not exactly how I would put it, we were slogging through that stuff! We had intended to get about 20 to 25 caches that day but that quickly turned into 5.

Sometimes you have to keep plugging on and sometimes you have to know when it’s time to give it a rest.

There that was eloquent. Let’s look at muddy pictures instead.

Sign of a fun day

Oh dear

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