The view from the bottom

It was so nice to finally get away to camp in the backcountry. It’s been far too long.

I had the chance this past weekend to visit one of my favorite places. From where we were, you could see the tip of one of the highest peaks in the park. The peak certainly wasn’t climbed this time around. And you know what? Who cares?! It’s just as breathtaking from the bottom.

I used to take the mountain tops for granted; thinking I could do that any time I wanted. It’s humbling to find out that I can’t, but that isn’t forever. Mark my words.

Rock bottom will change you, but it’s up to you how you change.

Now, instead of saying, “I’m sick”, I choose to say, “I’m healing”, because I am.

Instead of being sad about the cards I was dealt, I choose gratitude for everything they’ve taught me. Those lessons were profound, and I learned them, despite how hard I fought not to.

I’m so grateful for the trip to see the peak. I’m grateful for everything I can do once again. I’m grateful for friends and family who’ve really had my back. I’m grateful for healing.

You can definitely expect a comeback. Just don’t expect me to rap any LL Cool J. 😋

Here’s a little video shot of the walk around on the rocks surrounding our campsite. Even in the rain, it was gorgeous!

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