I’m the firestarter

You have that song in your head now don’t you?¬† If not that’s OK, you aren’t missing much… it just reminds me of my 20’s long long ago ūüėČ So today I didn’t feel so much like the hike I had planned. Instead I wanted to tackle a project that was inspired by another blogger.… Continue reading I’m the firestarter

I need a new name

Already? ¬†Yeah, you know I really didn’t love the whole “If I can do it”, thing when I started. ¬†But I felt like writing and that’s what popped into my head at the time. ¬†But I have to admit, it bugs me. ¬†It really really bugs me. You see, I’d intended to talk about some… Continue reading I need a new name

Backcountry vs. Car camping

I wanted to check and see if I could add a video just for kicks. ¬†I’m really not much of a writer, but I could certainly chat on video for a while. ¬†(Maybe that’s because I talk to myself a lot?) (I love those Bluetooth cell phone attachments that let you get away with talking… Continue reading Backcountry vs. Car camping

1st solo trip report – before setting out

Never trust that word is auto saving. ¬†And that’s all I’m going to say about that. ¬† Dang. ¬†I just wrote so much and it’s gone. Anyhow, I woke early today (June 9th) to head out to Kawartha highlands park for my first solo backcountry-ish camping adventure with Goliath. Problem is, I feel like dirt.… Continue reading 1st solo trip report – before setting out

1st solo trip – AKA Badass vs. Dumbass

Maybe the title is a bit much. But that pretty much sums up how I felt while I was out there.¬† I’ve heard people say that it’s amazing or “Badass”, to venture out into the woods alone.¬† I definitely felt as if I had a few great moments of badassery.¬† Is that a word?¬† It… Continue reading 1st solo trip – AKA Badass vs. Dumbass

Always an Adventure!

I tend to use this phrase a lot. ¬†Life is always more fun when you view everything as an adventure, a learning opportunity, or stepping stone, instead of an obstacle or hurdle. ¬†Yes, I’m that person: going into overtime at the end of the work day, the water heater springs a leak and the septic… Continue reading Always an Adventure!

In the beginning

So how does the story begin? It’s hard to say really. ¬†When I was young I was always outside. ¬†Typically found following my big brother around. I liked the outdoors. We had a huge forest behind our house and we always used to hop the fence to go swing on the vine over the big… Continue reading In the beginning