Hike to the Crack

I think this post may just be all about the pictures. In my last post I decided to do something different and I featured each campsite I stayed on in a video. The hike to the Crack was so pretty, I’m not sure pictures or a video would do it justice. And besides, it was a HIKE alright. It felt like most of the time it was straight up! Ok not really, but there were some definite parts where it was a good thing I wasn’t filming šŸ˜†

After we parked our boats at the portage from Killarney to Kakakise lake we had a nice almost flat portage to walk for a while. At least I thought so at first. There were quite a few rocky areas and inclines where I was happy I wasnt carrying my monster kayak. But the trail was so pretty it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s definitely one you’ll want to see in the fall. Every pic came out bright yellow, even without my extreme editing.

killarney 479-01

Just look at all the yellow!


killarney 494-01

Panorama view of Kakakise lake

killarney 501-01
kakakise lake

Goliath asleep in his carrier. (Ok he wasn’t fast asleep, but he was tired! )

he always naps thru our hikes šŸ˜Š

Stopping to look back at the trail going straight down!

almost there

And checking out the view straight up!

crazy hike straight up to the crack

The view at the very top is AMAZING! I wish I had some better shots, but my phone decided to go crazy up there. I’m not sure if it was the altitude or what? So I just got a few snaps and that was it. The weather wasn’t great and we were rushed, but I was so glad I finally got to hike to the top šŸ˜Š

Killarney -the Crack
killarney 518-01
view from the crack
top of the crack
killarney 529-01

The little guy was pooped and we still had to paddle out, so I grabbed the geocache that’s up there and we scrambled our way back down.

Killarney is definitely a special place. I’m really going to have to make sure I get back there again!

Where is your favorite scenic hike?

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