What you see is what you get. AKA Being authentic in the online world. 

Sometimes it feels difficult in the online universe to really be yourself. Or to really want to be yourself. If that makes sense?

Since I started this blog, I’ve made so many good connections. I’ve stumbled on travel blogs from other countries with amazing pictures, athletes, models etc. It’s so nice to see that there’s an influx of good info, for anyone looking to travel or just go outside. It’s been so helpful to me. (Especially with filling up my bucket list!)

If I wanted to compare myself or try to compete to sell up the blog, I could go get an expensive new camera, maybe do my hair and powder my nose for some of those hiking pics… but at the end of the day it wouldn’t be “Joyce” enough for me.

I’ve felt the pressure. Reading a blog with so many beautiful pics of different countries, mountains and expeditions. For a split second I may have wondered, what am I doing? I’m only camping and hiking. Does this really have any value? Then that voice in my head, that’s thankfully much stronger now that I’m older and wiser, says, “You’re being authentic!”

I like that I can show people new things… the sights of Killarney, Algonquin… kayaking, canoeing, geocaching etc. all through the eyes of a beginner. There’s no expert advice here! LOL. I stumble sometimes, (ok let’s be honest… quite frequently actually!) I don’t use fancy equipment. In fact, I’m great at finding a good cheap deal! (Just please never skimp on your safety gear ok?) I’m a real person. I’m not going to dress it up. I just want to show people that no matter what your obstacles are, (I’ve got many), getting outside is awesome. (And hey… its ok to stay inside too if you need to. Just don’t stay there forever.)

Cell phones take great shots!

The accidental photos can be just as fun!

I guess this is my promise to you. (Or to myself I should say.) On this blog all I can promise is authenticity. If I tell you about a product, it’s because I genuinely like it. I don’t get paid, but I do love sharing good info and supporting good companies. Although admittedly I haven’t done much of that yet for fear of looking too spammy.

The lesson I learned today that I wanted to share is that it’s important to never lose sight of yourself. Just because some people are climbing Everest doesn’t mean we all have to. And if all the blogs out there were exactly the same, no one would have anything of value to offer anyone else.

Someone left that behind at a campsite. So I took a pic before burning it. I never had reason to post it before.

I know the more I’m true to myself, the happier I am. Honor where you’re at. Because wherever that is, it’s right where you’re supposed to be.

20 thoughts on “What you see is what you get. AKA Being authentic in the online world. 

  1. Hi Joyce

    For some reason I missed this post at some point. But, seems appropriate based on the conversation from several days ago we had on being true to oneself. How, not being true to oneself can take us down a road where we might not want to go. That maybe people need to bloom where they are planted for a season.

    Hard to follow our tweeter chat. lol

    Anyhow, I totally agree with everything you wrote above on being authentic in an on-line world above.

    Actually, I think we talked about how “on-line” helps to provide the stage to be something your not(false persona) but present yourself an “authentic”.

    Just three questions to think about.

    1. Does the “world” really want people who are authentic or trying to be so? Does it scare people?

    2. How hard is it today to be truly authentic in a world at which at times promotes un-authenticity?

    3. What do people lose of themselves when they’re are not authentic or true to oneself?

    Just some random thoughts

    Chat later!

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    1. Number 1 I just have to say that I love that you call it tweeter 😆

      I think you’re really onto something here…

      Does the world really want people who are authentic? Sometimes all I can do is hope that they do. But in reality, I seriously doubt it. Those pictures that are raw or blog posts that are real just don’t get liked. I don’t often stumble on people who really put it out there for the world to see. The times that I have, I can see that there isn’t much of a following. I struggle with this. There’s so much more I’d like to share… but there’s always that little voice, “what will people think?” “What if it’s too negative?” “Friends, family and coworkers follow the blog. How can I face them after this?” And probably the worst one of all… “I can’t possibly say ‘XYZ’, people will judge me!”

      I think the truth does sometimes scare people. Not always the reader, but the writer. You want to potentially help others but…

      I guess that answers number 2. It’s damn hard to be authentic.

      Even with basic things like how I’d mentioned in the blog about wanting to talk a bit about products I’ve found that have really help me, or that I found a really good deal on. Sometimes it’s really hard to talk about those things. I look at other blogs where people are clearly selling a product or they are endorsed by brand. There’s no authenticity when someone’s making a dollar off of what they’re saying. I don’t want to look like spam, so I just don’t say anything. But who wins in that scenario? No one! I’ve told my friends about great deals on tents that I’ve got so that they could take the plunge into camping without spending an arm and a leg and it’s been amazing for them! I think I just need to get over that…

      Thankfully on point number three, I don’t really feel I’ve lost anything of myself. We’re all growing and it’s all a process. And in the process of getting over myself, I grow. And if anything, these conversations that we have facilitate that growth! And for that, I’m extremely grateful!

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      1. Wow. A lot in there. The tweeter 140 characters thing is tough for me. lol

        1. I agree 100% I think being authentic scares people to some extent. We all carry and lug baggage along with us. But, for me to deny that that baggage exists, or was a issue in the past, in a sense denies who i am. If that makes sense. I agree, I’ve read and seen some blogs etc, where yup thats raw and out there, but honest and fresh. But, know one really sees/likes it. If often wonder if people just cruise through blogs etc for something to make them feel good.

        Yes, there would be much more I’d like to share, but honestly, you never know who is going to read it. It might not be someone who actually follows your blog, but someone you know. So, I know how you feel about that one Joyce.

        I’ve spent most of my life fighting the “judgement thing” At times I have wished I never shared this or that.

        As much as you said, “isn’t writing therapeutic”, it’s scary to sort of “hang yourself out there.” Judgement is always painful.

        Hey, I’m just about to have dinner. I’ll be back to this in a bit. OK

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      2. I think you hit it right there! People want to feel good. It’s a world of instant gratification and it’s just too easy to search for the fluff.

        I guess I’m hoping I can learn to post the good content with the authenticity without the fluff 😊

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  2. No spills.

    I think in a sad way, we’ve talked about being authentic and such, but it’s perhaps so hard to actually do because of what you said. What will others say? Will it be so negative that others judge me. Like you said, you want to help and share, but…….

    I read a blog entry this afternoon from a woman who was on the verge of suicide and had actually gone into a field to make piece with herself and God. A flock of sparrows flew by. It somehow gave her hope that although the sparrows had no way of knowing if the sun would rise the next day; they simply flew like they had hope that it would. That gave her hope as well.

    Pretty honest post. Not sure, how many would read it though.

    Number 2. It does seem like at times stuff is getting hocked through someone’s blog. Buy this or whatever. I guess being authentic in those cases can have a dollar value put on it. Don’t take offence, but it does seem that at times people might be prostituting themselves. Might b a bit strong i suppose.

    We want to share the love we have for the outdoors, and the things we’ve found or purchased that might help someone. Maybe it’s like buying last years 3-season coat or end of year clearance stuff. Still good, but last year. But, how often do we get looked down upon because our equipment isn’t top line or from the top outdoor store? I often see people extolling the virtue of purchasing something at a top-tine outdoor retailer. But, if I can find a similar product that is just as good, I’m reluctant to share because it’s not from “that place.”

    I don’t feel that I’ve really lost anything of myself. Maybe trying to be authentic is like you said “we’re in a growing process” And in the process of trying be authentic as we can be, we’re growing and that is a good thing. We’re all works in progress.

    And yes, I find that our conversations and dialogue a growth for me. I’m extremely grateful for that.

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    1. Now the sparrow post is one that should be shared. That sounds like an amazing moment!

      I guess it’s a catch 22 in a way as well. What about those bloggers that do it full time? We’ve all got to put food on our plates somehow. Maybe I’m the one being too judgemental? I could overthink it all till my head explodes. But mostly I live by the good ol live and let live motto. I’m just going to do things the way that feels right for me and not worry about the rest.

      I’ve had a few companies now offer products and things if I’d mention them or place the logo in my pics somehow. But I just really love my cheap stuff 😊

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      1. The sparrow post was great. I’ll try to share it tonight or tomorrow.

        You do make Great points. Maybe the prostitution comment was a bit strong. But good for you sticking by your guns.
        Sometimes going by our gut feel or what feels right and not to worry about others is likely the best way to go. I don’t know if it is judgemental or not. Ok. Maybe the prostitution comment might have been slightly judgemental. I apologize for that. People choose whatever works for them at the time, and that’s ok.

        Good conversation. You always cause me to stop, look and think. Sort of like the stop, look and listen. I do find at times I need to think more before pressing send. lol

        Great post. Thanks for sharing

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      2. Lol! Oh you and me both! But at least there’s always that good ol delete button! I was just thinking after that group #WeGetOutside chat on twitter. There really is a ton of bad advice out there and it’s often coming from very influential people. I’ve always been the type of person who asks a million questions to a lot of different people. And I just tend to take the advice of people who are getting the right results. If something doesn’t seem logical or doesn’t sit right with me I will ask the same question to someone else. And until I can trust my gut with the answer I’ll just keep looking.

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      3. Good point(s). yes, there is a ton of bad advice out there. Challenge is finding the correct stuff. Good for you to keep asking the same questions. I’ve found that just because your influential, doesn’t mean it’s correct. Just means your influential. Sometimes it’s just their opinion. But, doesn’t make it right.

        I used to work with a guy who was a detective with Toronto Police Service. He once said no one ever tells the truth. What people tell is their version or recollection of the truth. His job was to sort through all of it to find those common treads. He said, usually those common threads was what really happened. Not quiet the same.

        Yup. The people who are getting the results and safe ones at that, are the ones you should pay closer attention too.

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      4. Right! My brother is with the OPP. Once had a case with about 70 witnesses and of course 70 different stories. I can’t imagine weeding thru all that!

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      5. Yea. Ken had quiet the career with Metro. Everything from beat cop, undercover and major crimes unit. I think he had seen enough though. He was a very wise fella. I always had great respect for him. Except when he spends the winter in Florida. lol

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