It just can’t come soon enough! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like camping in the cold. (Who am I kidding? I don’t like anything in the cold!)  I haven’t even started booking anything for this summer because the weather right now just doesn’t really get me in the mood to go on a trip. A while back I had ordered a cheap backcountry stove to try and lighten my load a little bit when I’m portaging. Since I did that, a dear friend of mine gifted me a firebox stove. I think that this one is probably going to be the big winner of the season. I can build a fire in it with wood or kindling or even pine cones.  Or there is a plate to use solid fuel, and it even holds an alcohol stove. It’s going to replace two of the other stoves that I have. I’m really really stoked to try it out on a trip!

There’s a few new things I’m trying out this year. At the end of last season I picked up a canoe cart on kijiji because of all the troubles I had portaging my kayak. It’s quite durable so I’m hoping that it makes the backcountry trips easier, meaning I can go farther in!

I’d love to hear about all the new things you’re trying this year!

8 thoughts on “It just can’t come soon enough! 

  1. Hey Joyce, nice to get such a wonderful gift. Guess you’re like Lynn in the cold department. She perks up when the temperatures start to climb. Over the years, we’ve collected a fair bit of stuff, but compared to the equipment available today, ours seems stone age like. The only thing I can think of that maybe in the future might be trekking poles for me. I find going up hills easy. Strange that way. lol. Coming downhill places a lot of stress on my knees I find, which isn’t unusual. I had a bad knee injury centuries ago, well maybe not centuries ago, but i guess over the years with all the stress and stuff my one knee does give me a bit of pain. I’ve used trekking poles before and found they help a bit.

    The other other thing, is maybe renting the most ultra-light canoe we can get and taking Katie on a short backcountry trip. I know you are familiar with the horrendous death our old canoe had one winter. lol. When we downsized a few years ago, Lynn found an ultra-light Wenonah for sale on Kijji from an older couple selling it because of health issues. It only had a couple of hours on it. We went back and forth and finally decided to pass. They had only wanted about 1/2 the original price. Lesson here is go with heart – not practical thinking.

    Anyhow, great post. Btw Lynn’s doing better. I now have to keep looking over my shoulder.

    Chat later


    1. Lol oh I’m glad she’s feeling better!

      I’d LOVE an ultralight! I really have to get some kijiji alerts set up for that kind of thing! My canoe and my kayak both weigh a ton!

      I’ve been thinking about poles myself. For the basic trips I’ve done I haven’t needed them, but anything crazy and they do help. I tend to use sticks that are laying around whenever I’m on a crazy trek. Might be a good idea to just get a nice set of poles!


  2. It would have been a sweet ride. They were an older couple living in the Honey Harbour area. Lynn said the gentleman had health issues and his wife wanted to sell the canoe. Lynn has an art/photography studio in the backyard. Measured everything to ensure the canoe would fit in it for the winter. But, ultimately we passed. Kind of wish we hadn’t.

    When I’ve used poles they have helped. There are techniques of walking downhill to help relieve the stress on knees. One is called the “sherpa step” which when described makes you think it would involve more stress. Need to Google it – but it involves having the knee locked and the leg straight when your foot hits the ground. Doesn’t work on real real steep inclines, but I found it does work on inclines that aren’t overly steep. But, it does take a but of practice to get the hang of it.

    Poles do help, especially downhill. I have used them uphill to sort of push my carcass up(ok too much info) against gravity. They do help with “crazy stuff.” I find they help with balance and such when climbing over roots. deadfall etc.

    Anyhow, hope you find something that helps.

    Chat later!


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