Wolf Lake

It’s been a relatively quiet summer; at least as far as any writing goes. I’ve been enjoying tagging along to help hide some paddles for the Paddle in the Park Contest. It’s been a blast! But obviously I haven’t been able to share any info about any trips until after the paddles were found.

This recent trip to Wolf lake was just to relax. It was such a lovely place. I was very excited to go and see the old growth red pines.

We had an easy portage from the road into Wolf Lake. I was spoiled. Especially since I managed to carry all my stuff in one go. So while Preston went back for the canoe, I paused to take some pictures.

This neat little mushroom caught my eye for some reason.


There was a ton of stuff left by other campers at the end of the Portage. But we made it work.

Fishing canoe we passed on the portage

Someone was fishing

I love the red leaves popping out everywhere

Goliath had fun sniffing around while we got ready to go.

Little man at the portage

Here they come!

Here she comes!

There he is!

My gosh. Even the first view of the lake was worth the long drive.

First view of Wolf lake from the canoe

It’s very easy to see why there are people working hard to protect this area. (Click here for more information about that!) I’m happy to try to bring more awareness to this real hidden gem.

They’ve even left info about it on the trails.

Pines on the lake

Wolf lake

Beautiful red pines everywhere!

Love the trees

Even our campsite was stunning.

Sleeping amongst the big red pines

Who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Before we left, we took a walk down an old growth trail. Gosh those trees were massive!

The little man and I trying to wrap our Paws around an old growth tree

Here’s a panorama from my cell. You can see Preston in the bottom right corner to show how big the trees are!

It’s an amazing place and I can’t wait to go back! It’s definitely a hidden spot that everyone should see!

And hey! There’s even geocaching! When we wandered around, I didn’t have my cell phone with me where I had saved the coordinates, but we had a general idea of where we were supposed to look. We found one that seemed obvious…

That wasn’t it though! I can’t give away now can I?! You’ll just have to go search for it yourself!

Where’s the prettiest place you went this year?

Additional pics from portageur.ca

8 thoughts on “Wolf Lake

  1. Joyce, your pictures are stunning. I have no idea where Wolf Lake is so I will be looking it up. When things settle down this Fall, we will have to try and get a few of our old colleagues together for a dinner out.

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  2. Hey Joyce….just getting to your story now. Sorry…. Wow, your pictures are stunning congratulations. They capture the beauty and majesty of that area for sure. I think those areas where old growth forests still are present really need to have some sort of preservation, keeping these areas for generations to come. Until one has seen the size and magnitude of these old trees…… it’s hard to describe. I’ve only ever seen old growth White Pine…..but very, very impressive. Kind of makes you feel small.

    As for the prettiest place I’ve been this summer, gee….you know just about everywhere we’ve been. lol I think our trip to Prince Edward Island National Park in June opened up a kaleidoscope of vistas…but on the other hand our Algonquin backcountry trip in August was stunning as well. Can never go wrong with a backcountry trip…regardless of where it is. Hey….thanks for posting. I think I need to read some more about the Wolf Lake Red Pines.


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    1. You betcha! Lol I had someone on Twitter tell me they had trees that size in their backyard! So I was thinking that my pics really didn’t capture the size. Someday I’d love to go to California to see the giant Sequoias!

      Your trips have been majestic this year! It’s always so hard to capture those moments in words or pictures 😊 you and Lynn make a great team!

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